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Need to get your a house extension layout? Or maybe you are planning to do a full house renovation? Then SmallSpaces can help you out by providing an affordable and reliable Architects Dublin. Call us today to get a free consultation about your home extension or renovation project.

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Absolutely stunning work done by Small Spaces, got a garden extension done from them for a relatively cheap price. Quick sketch was made of the design so Great work, definitely will recommend.
Sinead Kenny
SmallSpaces Architect transformed our house by adding another room to our attic within a couple of days including the design, now we have more space when visitors come over for a short stay, thanks a lot.
James Arthur

What our Architects offer in Dublin

House Extensions Dublin

Almost all houses (and even some apartments) have some room in improvement for adding valuable space with an reliable architect. Its not always easy to find it and make use of the space. Making space with a house extension could sometimes be costly and Of course, the actual extension is usually only half the story. If you already set your mind to getting yourself an extension, then you need to think of the whole house and how it will look and work after the project is over. The reality is that consequences of a bad extension can go wrong and in turn be worse than getting no extension at all.

When you make up your mind about extending your home and increasing its valuable space, Give me a shout and I will be more than happy to help you out. You can get in touch with me by using the contact form.


Instead of adding or removing space, your house could always use a great refurbishment where the space just gets improved. You might want your space to be cozy, and your bills under control, without unforeseen consequences. Or you might need to fix some problems that wont let you sleep at night, like leaks, ventilation and windows. And that’s not to mention the old reliables – painting, tiling, flooring and other small things that can make your house a big difference.

Of course if you are buying a home that is going to need work before you can live in it, then you have both the need and the opportunity to properly refurbish it - so that you get things right from the outset. There are a lot of options and decisions involved, and I can help you figure out what is going to be best for you and your new house. Make sure to give us a call if you need your Dublin Architects.

House Renovations Dublin

There is a great pleasure in seeing an old ancient building getting a renovation done and looking newer than ever. Hiring Architects Dublin can have your house looking modern and new within an couple of days. This is one area where there are clear-cut rights and wrongs. And where being able to make the right call about what is needed to be changed and what to preserve is so important. House renovation is a must in Ireland so Make sure to call me if you need your house to be done with quality in mind.

Currently we are working with a great House Renovations Dublin company called ATRenovations which help us out with most of the work. We get the plans drawn up and they take care of the renovation, carpentry, painting and flooring bits.

Fitted Furniture & Storage

When you only have a little space, you need to make the most of it, and in my experience, a customized solution will beat an off-the-shelf one every time with an Architect in Dublin. This is particularly true when it comes to built-in storage. Every house and apartment has the potential to have better, more thought out, more usable storage. Figuring out where to put it, how it works and what it looks like is where I come in. I can design and source the right furniture and have it delivered and fitted by the right craftsmen.

One special case of this is the home office. More and more people (myself included) are realizing the benefits of working from home. There are as many ways of doing it as there are people, but finding a place for everything.

Why Choose SmallSpaces as your Architect Company?

Hi, We are Small Spaces, an Architect company based in Dublin, dedicated to helping you find the best way to add space to your home, or to make the most of what you’ve got.

Whether you live in a house or apartment; if you want more space, We can help you decide what to do, put it all in place and get it done right.

This can be as simple as me calling out and giving you design ideas and advice to set you going. Or it can mean designing alterations, extensions, fitted furniture, or refurbishments or even making a full House Renovation Dublin plan for you. It can involve applying for planning permissions, preparing detailed drawings, helping you manage your project, ensuring good quality construction, anything you might need to get the job done.

Your small space can say a lot about you, and a small change can make a big difference to how well your space works.

Feel free to look around my site and check out my blog. Hopefully they’ll give you some good ideas and suggestions. And if you would like to discuss a particular project, just get in touch, I’m always happy to help.

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