Project Ahenny by small spaces

As any architect will gladly tell you, doing a job for your parents can be tough, as can be making alterations to you childhood home. Luckily in this case, my parents emigrated to the US and sold the childhood home, leaving me with a clear conscience tackling the house they bought when they came back. The brief evolved over a series of family gatherings (I’m always working…) and the design, in the end, achieved something I always strive to do, build a little and gain a lot.

As it is with most clients, the first problem was figuring out what the problem was. In this case the house, though fairly large, only had two dedicated bedrooms. It was also a little run down in places having been owned by someone who took more pleasure in the outdoors than inside. (This was also an advantage as there was a well established garden). There was a garage built to one side that was bigger than the occupants were ever likely to use, so the obvious decision was to connect the house to this and convert part of this garage.

The link room is designed to be as much part of the garden as part of the house, with the stone of the patio area running through, six sets of double doors that can be opened in various arrangements to allow sun and stop wind or allow a through breeze on those rare warm days. The garden was redesigned to run right up to this space – drawing the outdoors almost into the house. The garage loft is reached by a space saving stairs, expertly constructed in American ash.

And as far as I can make out, the clients are very happy!