Down the Market

This was another case where something caught my eye. There is a new breed of businesses that have been set up post credit crunch and have had to get up and running with a minimum of outlay. When it comes to house renovation design Architects in Dublin, this can be a good thing. Old fashioned resourcefulness is set to make a bit of a comeback I think, and when it is combined with a little house design creativity the results can be really fantastic. This fruit and veg shop on Mary’s Abbey just beside the Fruit Markets is a brilliant example of this. Housed in a set of old banana ripening rooms where the owner worked as a young fella, it shows just what can be achieved using very limited means if you apply a little bit of inventive thought. Here the main things that I like are the use of pallets and graffiti as display units and signage. The whole area around here is covered in both pallets and graffiti, so this job was definitely done using locally available materials. The signage was done by a mate of the owner – one who had a history of painting and decorating buildings without being asked… And it seems that graffiti itself is graffiti-proof – the local lads don’t touch it even when they are tagging all the walls around.  As for the pallets they create a solid little space in the old loading bay, and something about them just feels right. This kind of attitude is also in evidence inside, where the owner’s pride and joy (as he was quick to tell me) is the banana ladder. Sums up the “theme” of the place, if you could call it that – resourceful re-use.

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