A small Bit about me


I started small spaces in 2009, having worked as a “big” architect for almost 10 years. My aim is to provide a specialised architectural service for homeowners who want to increase or improve the space they live in. Homeowners tend to shy away from asking an architect to help them do this. My aim (through my projects, my satisfied clients, and this website) is to allay that fear and show that a little design can go a long way.

I spent much of my early career working as a project architect for Shay Cleary Architects, on such prestigious developments as the Alto Vetro residential tower in Dublin’s docklands (talk about small spaces!), the regeneration project in Ballymun and Cork County Hall. In between, I also had my fair share of smaller clients, and came to learn that when it comes to design, small is indeed beautiful. Smaller projects are often more practical and meaningful. They require ingenuity, resourcefulness and clever thinking. They’re real life, and matter more.

To my credit (or for my sins), I am a fully registered architect and member of the RIAI (that’s the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland). I am also a bit of a swot and like to learn new things all the time. As of 2012, I am a Grade III accredited Conservation Architect, and am working all the time to build my specialist knowledge of how to deal with old buildings and old construction. As a result, I’m also a member of the Building Limes Forum and have completed a series of courses on energy efficient construction and best practice in energy upgrading of houses and apartments, which in time will lead to an accreditation as a sustainable design architect. My other current focus is the practical aspects of domestic construction – the pipes, the wires, and of course the money that has to pay for it all.

If you would like to get a project started with me, make sure to contact me at:

Address: 114 Parnell Road Dublin 12

Office: 01 454 7287

Mobile: 089 497 3161

Email: SmallSpacesDublin@yahoo.com