a sample feasibility study the all-important first step

When someone calls me up to take a look at their house or premises, the first thing I recommend is a study similar to the one shown here. Talk only gets you so far, an exercise like this is extremely useful for clarifying what you need, how to go about it, and what the pitfalls and issues might be.

I find that a series of quick sketchy layouts is of much more use than one layout drawn up in detail at this stage. It's one of those things - you tend to know what you want (and don't want) when you see it.

In this case the client knew certain aspects of their house weren't quite working for them. The sitting and kitchen / dining areas were separated where they felt open plan would suit more. The sun was to the front of the house but the views were to the back. An ill-advised conservatory had been put up by the previous owner that blocked light from the kitchen. The master bedroom was a little on the small side...

I went in and discussed all these things, took measurements of the house and went away to start thinking. The result was a series of sketch layout options (shown to the right) that gave them an idea of what could be done. We discussed these and they make a choice about which one they preferred. Even if it takes a while to get the ball rolling fully, they are now in a position where they know what they intend to do.