another feasibility study simple changes for a small Dublin house

In this case I was asked to take a look at a small redbrick terraced house in Stoneybatter. The owners were beginning to realise, like a lot of people, that they might be living there longer than originally planned. They wanted to talk about their options. Storage was an issue, as it always is when space is tight. They wondered if opening the living room into the hall would be a good idea - the extra size of room was appealing, but the privacy of the hall was also a nice thing to have, and it was handy for storing wet umbrellas, shoes, bikes etc.

I took a look, and a few measurements, and drew up the sketches shown opposite. The first of these simply identifies the issues discussed and lets the owners see the house in a scaled plan - which is very handy. The second makes various suggestions of what they might do. The main idea here was to tackle the storage problem with some custom designed solutions. I proposed a storage "wall" between the entry and the living area, allowing them to have their cake and eat it...

A set of drawings like this can be hugely beneficial - they are both a tool for planning and a spur to the imagination.