project types the ways that you can transform your home

what I do

I set up small spaces to provide a specialised service for people who need to increase or improve the space they live in. To date, I have helped homeowners and home-buyers to add space in the form of extensions, to unlock space by making key alterations, to free up space by utilising clever custom-designed storage, to improve space by solving problems like poor insulation and daylight, and to renovate space in a way that preserves and highlights its original character.

In reality, many projects involve more than one (and sometimes all) of these aspects. Because I focus solely on domestic projects, I have developed the skills and knowledge to find the right blend and ensure the solution worked out for your home has the right balance.

The types of project I do can be broken down as follows (click headings to see more):


What all my projects have in common is an ability to understand exactly where the client is coming from, a desire to come up with well-designed and resourceful solutions, and a willingness to work until we find the best solution, and not just the first solution.