what I charge

what I charge

What I charge depends on how much you want me to do (naturally enough), and rather than trying to detail it all here, it’s probably easier if we discuss it in person or over the phone. That way I can justify my outlandish fees (only joking).

The thing common to all my jobs is that the scope of service (and hence the fee) is tailored to the client’s requirements. There isn't a one-size-fits-all standard service. Each job is broken down into stages, each of which is quoted for and agreed in advance.

Of course, while I can help you get tenders and quotations from builders, suppliers, and other consultants, they will bill you directly. I only charge you for my own work; an initial assessment, some architectural design or full project management.

Suffice to say, whatever I charge will be agreed in advance. My final invoice will match my original quotation. There will be no hidden extras or nasty surprises. Everything will be fully itemised and above board so you know where you stand (and vice versa).