putting it in place the devil is in the detail

Putting it in place

What’s involved in this middle phase, which can vary the most, will depend on the kind of solution reached earlier. Solutions I’ve come up with for homeowners range from very specific storage units or alterations to whole house refurbishments or extensions. For each case there is a different level of detail to be put in place. A big milestone has been hit when you decide what you are planning to do, but getting it done – and done right – is another story.

Of course, one of the major considerations in this phase is getting permission to do what you want to do. For a house this can mean getting planning permission; for an apartment there are also other potential roadblocks – leasehold conditions, management companies, fire safety etc.

If you are building, then you need to ensure that the structure complies with both good building practice and the raft of building regulations that are out there. You also want to make sure that you don’t entrust your home and sanity to a builder who can’t do the job properly. Choosing the right builder is crucial. This also applies to other consultants you might need, such as structural engineers.

And whichever way you look at it, either God or the devil is in the detail. Working your design out in detail and setting it all down on paper enables you to stay in control, means you gain clarity up front on the cost, and makes sure you get what you want, and know what you’re getting.