house consultation first things first...

"where do I start?"

Transforming a home, like any design project, starts out in a great deal of uncertainty. You may have ideas, goals and requirements but not be sure how exactly to achieve them, or how much it might cost to do so. You may feel that there is a better solution that you can’t see. You might be asking around and getting conflicting answers to your questions. You may worry that what you would like to do is not realistic, but you don’t have enough information to rule it in or out.

Since setting up small spaces to help homeowners to improve their homes, I have developed a flexible, hard-working, on-site consultation, which aims to leave the home-owner with the key things that you need to know at the outset of the project. It’s a mix of thought-provoking questions, design ideas and practical advice.

The main topics are:

  • Assessing the potential that your space has – what opportunities does it offer, what looks like it might work, what looks like it won’t? Sketches describing the options.
  • Discussing the budget and the scope of work it is likely to cover - ruling things in or out in broad terms.
  • Discussing the potential fall-back options if “Plan A” seems out of reach.
  • Advising on the need for planning permission, and the likelihood of getting it.
  • Advising on the kinds of work likely to be needed to refurbish, restore, improve energy efficiency and comfort levels.
  • And anything else you can think of…

Overall, the aim of the consultation is to set the client and the project on the right track – as quickly as possible. A consultation like this can be the first stage of my involvement in a project (see side menu for links to other stages). It can also be used as a standalone service, where you take things on yourself using the sketch plans and bullet point lists drawn up during the consultation itself.

Consultations like this are just as relevant to a house-owner thinking of extending, altering or improving; or to a house-purchaser hoping to assess potential and pitfalls; or to an apartment owner looking to eke out a better space from what they’ve got.

The amount of time that a consultation takes can vary (this is the flexible part), so the price is set within a range, depending on how long is spent on site. This leaves you in control of your costs. The likely time required can be discussed beforehand to help with this.

I work in and around Dublin, but have been known to travel further afield on occasion.

If a consultation like this sounds like something you might benefit from, and you want to arrange one, or find out more, then please get in touch – by phone, email, or by the contact form on this site.