getting it done once the design is worked out…

Getting it done

Once the design is worked out, and the hurdles have been cleared, then it is time to get it implemented. How this is best done will again depend on the type of solution agreed. You might be getting fitted furniture made and installed for one particular alcove. Or you might be knocking half your house, moving out for months, and rebuilding your dream home. Either way, it’s unlikely that you can do it all by yourself. I can help you find and manage the people involved; I can help ensure that the job runs as smoothly as possible, and that the inevitable problems that arise during construction are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

As an experienced project architect, I am well aware of the stress and hassle involved in getting a job finished. I can help minimise the pain by ensuring that things happen on time, snags are dealt with and you get the documentation you need at the end of the job.