deciding what to do the feasibility study

Deciding what to do:

Following the initial house consultation, the way your project proceeds is with a design and feasibility study. This is where I take your more detailed measurements and start to look more specifically at what changes could be made and what they would achieve. I usually work out a variety of options ranging from the minimal to the comprehensive, and usually including a few from the “lateral thinking” box. We talk them over and I amend, amalgamate or alter the design until you have a few viable options. At this point you should have a clear front runner (or two) in your mind.

When you look at various options you are answering the question “what could I do”, but you’re never going to get anywhere until you move on to answer the question “what will I do?” You might have a preferred design solution in mind, but to be realistic you need to weigh the benefits against such factors as cost, planning, time, hassle, comfort etc. Because cost is such a key factor, I usually recommend that you take your preferred solution to a quantity surveyor for an independent budget. You will then have a clear picture of what you can do, how it benefits you and what it will take to get there – all the pieces of the puzzle that let you make a decision.