House to Let?

House to Let?

to_let_sign.jpgI’ve had a couple of queries in the last while from people who are thinking about what they can do with their house, but with one particular difficulty. They don’t live there anymore...

Say your situation combines negative equity with limited space (and often a growing family) and you decide that the best solution would be to rent out the house or apartment you own, and become a tenant somewhere bigger or better suited. At some point in the future you might find yourself wondering if it would be possible to do some work on the house you own, to see if you can comfortably move back there, but you’re not sure what you might be able to do with the place. In any case where I start looking at a house, the first thing that needs to be done is to get the layout (fairly) accurately down on paper. Usually that means going in and measuring it up. But people usually don’t want to scare their tenant by letting them know that the owners are looking at the house for themselves again. So my small piece of advice – get your plans down on paper before you vacate… Call someone in to do it, or do it yourself. It might make your life easier in the long run!

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