Simon Open Door 2011 your chance to do something for yourself and for a good cause at the same time

Simon Open Door 2011

Once again it is that time of year coming up - the Simon Open Door weekend is only a few weeks away (Saturday and Sunday, May 7th and 8th...). And again, like last year, small spaces is taking the show on the road and aiming to do all consultations in the "client's" own homes.

If you are unfamiliar with the Open Door weekend, it is an annual nationwide event orchestrated by the RIAI (Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland) and the Simon Community. The deal is that for a €50 donation to Simon you get an hour long consultation with an architect to discuss your house, potential for alteration or extension etc. Naturally the architects aren't getting paid for their time on this - just in case you were wondering...

In my own case last year's consultations were a great success. I was able to be of concrete help to most of the householders. From the clients' points of view I think it was a winner also, with one extension built as a result of last year's meeting and another about to go on site in two weeks time (planning delay!).

If you have already booked me I will be in touch shortly to arrange to take the meeting to your doorstep. At the time of writing (April 3rd) there are three spaces left in my booking slots so please consider taking one on - it is for a very good cause...

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